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Miners Maple

Kemble, ON

Gourmet Food

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About the Artisan

Miners’ Maple Products is nestled in the north east corner of Keppel Township. We were established in 1996, and since then have grown to a six thousand-tap operation. We retail our product at the Owen Sound Farmers’ Market, Wiarton Farmers’ Market and Lions Head Farmers’ Market and farm gate. It’s a family-run business that includes Russel and Abby Miners as well as their five boys Raymond, Jamie, Carson, Kyle and Collin.

The sap is collected during the spring when it flows from the roots of the tree (where it’s been stored for the winter) to the top branches to help feed the tree. There must be freezing temperatures at night (-3 to -8) and thawing by day (+3 to +8). Once the sap is collected it is filtered and then boiled to a Brix (the density of sugar content) of 66.2. Having the correct Brix is imperative to the quality of the syrup – too thin will create an environment for mold to grow, and too thick will grow sugar crystals.
Miners’ Maple Products is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality maple syrup. This is done by utilizing the most technically advanced equipment available, including tubing system, vacuum pumps and reverse osmosis.

With customer demand we have grown to a 6000 tap operation and have included many value-added products to our maple line: Maple Chipotle BBQ Sauce, Maple Mustard, and Hot Maple Curry, to name just a few!

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