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Finnia Chocolate & Cacao

Gore Bay, ON

Gourmet Food

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About the Artisan

Finnia Chocolate & Cacao is a craft bean-to-bar chocolate maker on Manitoulin Island started by Lisabeth Flanagan in a small home commercial kitchen in 2009 just after the birth of her first child. Since that time, she became passionate about making chocolate directly from the cocoa bean, in the most natural way possible, while still maintaining European smoothness and chocolate texture. The business has since changed names to reflect its beginings (now named Finnia, after her children Finn and Fia) and moved from the house to downtown Gore Bay, then to a new small factory in a shared warehouse building with our local brewer. With slightly larger equipment and a small all-female staff, the business has grown and yet still remained craft in nature, with none of the additives that commercial chocolate includes, and made with hand-sorted cocoa beans to ensure the highest quality ingredients are included in the chocolate.

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