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Eco Art

Lions Head, ON


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About the Artisan

EcoArt; where creativity comes naturally! With a 30 year career as a Graphic Designer, Kelly has recently taken the opportunity to get back to doing things the old fashioned way, while incorporating relevant techniques. Moving to Lion's Head on the Bruce Peninsula renewed her love for nature and the outdoors and has evoked what she describes as an "art attack," which is the overwhelming feeling of having so many creative ideas at once and not enough time to do them. Fulfilling her dreams of having a successful in-home Studio is finally coming to fruition, where she works with her three favourite mediums (at the moment); alcohol ink, acrylic fluid paint and pyrography. Always trying to learn a new technique or play with a new medium, Kelly hopes to make people smile and start a conversation with her works of art. Her love for what she does can be seen in each piece she creates.

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