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Blossom Hills

My pieces are inspired by the gemstones I use, by the metal I feel like working with, the music I am listening to or my mood. Romantic? Whimsical? Earthy? Elegant? Boho?

I love the physicality of the process, the designing of the prototype, the hands on to shape the wire, the torching of the metal to soften, fuse or change the colour.

I love to fuse glass powder to bare metal with a torch, the unpredictability and the reward.

I love the research involved and the trial and error in the making, giving me endless possibilities.

I love that I make most all of the components myself:

-ear wires

- frames

- links

- clasps

- bails.

I love that my adornments are lightweight, made from mostly recycled material and are lead and nickel free. And being hand made, are unique to you, the wearer.

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